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Dear Readers, This is not a political post.  Far from it.  With all due respect to the President, this is not about him, it is about me.  The first time my oldest son looked admiringly at a public figure, I realized that I needed to help him understand the difference […]

Why Barack Obama is not my children’s role model and ...

Dear Readers, Remember this? [kad_youtube url=”” ]       Cute?  Yes.  Impressive?  Perhaps.  Enough?  Absolutely not. Before you type the words, “Don’t judge me…,” know that I am speaking more to myself than anyone.  Like most Christian families, we attend church, pray daily, point out how our standards differ […]

If the only scripture your kids can recite is John ...

These words give you a front row seat to a movement. One that used to be the prevailing template for parents everywhere before television, social media, politicians, celebrities, and other noise makers distracted our focus. Our message is simple but powerful. You are responsible for your own children. Not the […]

The Manifesto… (Version 1)